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Fan mini-blogs, following their pets around Chew Chew with cameras!

Jasper's Degustation Lunch @ Chew Chew

Thursday, May 29, 2014
Can we go inside right now please….

Definitely the fish with brown rice for mains. Hmm…. the jelly or the cupcake for dessert?

Checking out the kitchen – Chef and Naoko are my favourite humans today (and dad for paying for my meal).

The organic chicken soup was definitely yummier than the non-organic stuff I get at home.

Vegetables – I like them too

Can I eat the fish and rice yet?

Gone in 6 seconds…. 

Wow, such presentation. Just as well mom is taking photos, the cake is not going to stay pretty for long.

Dad, can you make doggycino with the Nespresso machine?

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