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Veterinarian Advice Club

Chew Chew is proud to be associated with Dr Anthony from Activet Clinic in Carlingford. He has studied both Eastern & Western treatments and is dedicated to providing the best advice and care possible. At each class, you will have the opportunity to chat with Dr Anthony and he will be happy to answer your medical questions and concerns regarding your dog.

Some questions we can answer:

  • What other options are there, instead of having my dog operated on?
  • What effect will medication have on my dog in the long term?
  • What could happen if we don't operate on him?
  • What is this lump on my dog?

Classes are held in Chew Chew's friendly environment and are very informal. Both Dr Anthony and Naoko (a certified Japanese Pet Nutrition Expert and Pet Care Advisor) will explain and guide you through common concerns and challenges affecting dog owners.

Our goal is that after each class, participants will leave knowing they have learnt valuable lessons, and that some or all of their concerns have been alleviated.

Please note that these classes are general only in the information provided and dog owners will need to seek further specific advice if necessary. Classes are not a substitute for specialised veterinary consultations.

Your dog or puppy is very welcome to come along for the class.

Please note that classes for cats will be available in the future, subject to demand.

Trading Hours

  • Mon,Tue,Thu: Closed
  • Wed & Fri: 11:00am - 2:00pm (no eat-in)
  • Sat & Sun: 11:00am - 5:00pm


(Please book!)

  • Wed-Fri: 2:00pm - 6:00pm
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