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Chew Chew Handmade Dog Food

Food you can trust

Chew Chew staff can confidently eat any of the foods served here in the restaurant.

Can you eat what you serve your pet?

All of our meals begin with fully organic meats. We ensure we are using the highest quality and freshest ingredients for your pet's meal, so that, here in Chew Chew, they don't have to eat all of the nasty chemicals and hormones that are in much of today's dog foods.

We have helped many dog owners help their pets get the most out of life. Japanese nutrition is highly advanced and comprehensive, and Chew Chew's Naoko Okamoto puts this knowledge into every meal made for your pet.

Many dogs that have started eating Chew Chew's home made meals now have shiny and fluffy coats, and they are able to fight off many conditions and illnesses all on their own.

So much happier now with Chew Chew foods

Dear Naoko,

I just wanted to thank you for the amazing products you lovingly create. It's just wonderful to see my girls enjoy their meals & the delicious waffles and treats.

Millie (17 yrs old) & Zoe (15 yrs old) have become extremely fussy & it's been a struggle to find food they actually enjoy.

They absolutely love dinner time now & I've really noticed a difference in their well-being & this is just in a week! No upset tummy's & full of energy :-). It's so great to see! Many thanks again & I'll see you soon for our next order. Thanks also for the tuna treats. Millie looooooves them!

- Zoe & Millie

Lower vet bills thanks to Chew Chew diet

I have two dogs and Naoko worked with me to tailor make a diet for both of them. I wanted to give them raw meat, so she came up with a solution and developed a diet . She is very knowledgeable and flexible and makes it all so easy with her deliveries. She is passionate about what she does and that always comes through. I have been ordering her meals for over two years and highly recommend her. My dogs are very healthy and our vet bills are subsequently very low.

Best Wishes

- Ondin

These days dogs are important members of the family, thus we believe that food tailor-made for your dog is best. Every dog has different needs and a different environment. Chew Chew meals are all handmade, and tailored specifically for your pet.

If you would like to buy Chew Chew's delicious hand made food, feel free to browse our menu or our online shop.