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While running Chew Chew's cooking workshop, I discovered many people want to come but cannot make the time. I also found many people that want more specific information than an hour in a group could give them.

To make up for this, if you want to talk about anything at all and get my expert opinion, please just make an appointment. If you want to:

  • take a crash course in pet nutrition and learn how to make balanced meals for your pets,
  • discuss your concerns regarding your pet's health,
  • learn about keeping a puppy,
  • learn recipes to help your unwell or elderly pets,

then I urge you to use the form below so we can organise something!

Face to Face Consultation

Make a booking and come into the shop for Naoko’s undivided attention. Discuss anything and everything about your pet’s nutrition.

Ideal for discussing vet recommendations, recent concerns, allergies.

Telephone Consultation

Make a booking and call Naoko to discuss anything and everything about your pet’s nutrition.

Ideal for distant clients and dogs who cannot travel.

Advice & Pet Food Tips

In the shop and wondering how to help a dog with tear stains or smelly breath? Astound your friends and family with an encyclopaedic knowledge of nutrition facts and trivia.

Ideal for people wondering about pet training and pet nutrition.

Diet Improvement Consultation

Save time and massively improve your pet’s health with a specially tailored diet from Naoko. Regular deliveries means always fresh food and a fast response to any change in your pet’s condition.

Ideal for people looking to move on to an improved exclusively Chew Chew diet.

Pet Food Cooking

Make a booking and come into the shop for an exclusive cooking class. Naoko will teach you how to make your very own balanced pet food!

Ideal for people interested in cooking their own homemade pet food.