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Our Fans

It was amazing!

Thank you so much for organising Teddy's birthday cake for me! It was amazing and Teddy loved it!

Kind Regards,

- Rez

Lovely birthday cake, thanks again!

Hi Naoko

Thank you so much for the photo sharing.

I also wanna share some pic with u on the day of Eeyore's birthday.

Lovely birthday cake, thanks again!

- Kii

Thank you for a wonderful party

Dear Naoko,

I won’t ever forget the party I had at Chew Chew for my first birthday! I’ve NEVER had such delicious food. My friends gave me a present that I love and we played and then you put out red placemats and I got really excited. Jippy had fish and rice; Maggie had chicken risotto and I had the most delicious of all: lamb and rice. THEN you gave us take-away so I could taste Maggie’s risotto the next day. I hope we have many return visits to Chew Chew.

Licks and leaps,

- Marlowe

If you ever need a dog, to taste test your products, I volunteer.

Dear Chew Chew,
I can't wait till I can come back and try everything on your menu.
If you ever need a dog, to taste test your products, I volunteer.
I love all my photos. I look so pretty.
I hope you have a lovely holiday, I hope I don't starve to death !!

- Frankie

I was sooo excited on my first visit to Chew Chew.

Dear Naoko

When I heard there was a restaurant just for pets, I put my paws down firmly and demanded my Mum take me there.
I was sooo excited on my first visit to Chew Chew. Thank you for making me feel so welcome.

The puppyccino was delicious and the chicken risotto was to die for! It was great that we could take took lots more dinners to eat at home.

Mum has promised to bring me again soon. I can't wait to try the Lamb Omelette!

Here is a photo of me at Christmas, in my Swarovski silk and crystals outfit.

Wages & smooches from

- Little Bear

I will definitely be back!

Dear Naoko,

Thankyou for making my first birthday a birthday to remember!
Frankie and i will never forget your scrumptious chicken risotto followed by my awesome birthday cake!
We had a blast and even got to make a new friend on the day of my birthday!
I will definitely be back with Frankie when he turns 1!
I hope my mum and dad buy me more treats because it tasted amazing!!!! Thank you very much for the treat bag i received after my party!
My mum loves the photos you took - they are definitely a lasting memory!

I hope to see you soon Naoko & Master Chef!
Many sniffs xoxo

- Wesley, Frankie, Shanny and Long.

Thank you for throwing me such an awesome birthday party!

Hi Naoko!

I just wanted to thank you for throwing me such an awesome birthday party.
I had a great time and my cake and lamb sausage were scrumptious!
My humans love the photos too and wanted me to pass on their appreciation.

Can't wait to see you again :)
Warm regards,

- Lola

Thanks for such a yummy meal!

Dear Naoko, Thanks for preparing such yummy meal for me, and teaching my mummy and daddy how to clean my teeth. I've been a good girl and enjoyed my teeth cleaning time every night. I would very much like to return to your lovely place. I missed all the treats, food, and of course the photo time.

- Twinkie

See you soon and thanks again!

"My waffle was delicious and I ate it very quickly. It was fun eating lunch and then having a run around on the grass. Mum and dad said we will go back very soon if I am a good girl."

- Rosie

We will try to come to the cafe in the near future for some more yummy food

Hi Naoko,

Vienna had her birthday cake and it was beautiful!!
She loved it 🐶
Thank you so much 😄

- Yan

Can't wait to try more things from the menu!

Thank you again for my photos. Mum put the one of me licking my lips up on my Facebook page.

Your Puppacino was delicious and we will visit again as we can...I can't wait to try more things from the menu!

- Jet

Merry Christmas

Dear Naoko,

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!


- Charlie

The chef deserves at least a three hat rating!

Dear Naoko,

Thank you very much for the photos.
Lou Lou looks lovely and I can see she is enjoying her meal.
Thank you again.
The chef deserves at least a three hat rating!
Wish you and your four-legged customers a very Merry Christmas!

Kind regards

- Linda

I really enjoy my new treats!

Dear Naoko san,

Thank you for the great photos you took when I first visited your place.
I was a bit nervous for a while, but you were so kind and I really enjoyed my lunch. That was so yummy!!
Also my mom enjoyed chatting with you.
I really enjoy my new treat 'kangaroo tendon' from your shop.
I hope mom wil soon take me to Chew Chew again.

- Chubby (Moodle)

I will NEVER go back to commercial dog food.

Dear Naoko,

My 13yo Cocker Spaniel was having a tough time of it with daily bouts diarrhea. I tried many different food options from the commercial world, but nothing made a difference.
And then I visited your pet restaurant.....
I invested in one of your dog nutrition consultations and it has literally changed Anzac's life!!
Within a week there were no signs of his previous troubles. He has more energy,his coat is even shinier and he is pretty much reliving his youth these days!!
I will NEVER go back to commercial dog food again.
Thank you so much for your advice and for everything you are doing at Chew Chew Restaurant.

Kind regards,

- Shelley and Jamie

Samra and Fatoosh LOVED your food.

Hi guys,

Thanks for the lovely cake and dinner and treats. Samra and Fatoosh LOVED them. We had a nice time.

Great service and lovely people.


- Ahmad

I get even more compliments on my shiny coat and pearly whites!

Dear Naoko,

Thank you for welcoming me into your lovely cafe the other day for lunch and a chat. I've never had such a tasty meal! Mum and dad appreciated your nutritional advice and now I get even more compliments on my shiny coat and pearly whites. I can't wait to come in to see you again.

- Penny

I love visiting Chew Chew Cafe!

I love visiting Chew Chew Cafe! All my favourite foods are there: My mum mixes ZiwiPeak dry/wet food with tuna sprinkles and goats milk powder. It's delicious! I meow and meow until it's placed in front of me and I get to eat it. Yum. I love the salmon, beef or lamb gourmet dishes too. I like visiting the Cafe because I get to meet new dogs. My dad holds me high so I can watch them from a safe spot. I can't wait to go back to the cafe, because my parents always spoil me when they visit!


- Pasolkinia

You are definitely the most caring and loving person in the world!!!!

Dear Naoko san,

We cannot thank you enough for spending so much time on teaching us the correct way to feed Muffy. You are definitely the most caring and loving person in the world!!!!

We gave her the pie last night after her dinner, I only let her try half of the pie first and then she ended up eating the whole pie!!! She loved it soooo much and she licked the plate which was something we have never seen before!!!

Thank you once again for making these yummy food for puppy!

- Belinda & Andrew

I very much enjoyed coming to your café

I very much enjoyed coming to your café for a delicious cupcake and puppychino. I see my mum and dad enjoying these all the time and it was great to find one specifically for dogs that I could eat. Thankyou for the beautiful photos of the family including my baby brother. I very much enjoyed the take away chicken dinner and will be back very soon to collect some more delicious food.

- Bella the Chihuahua

We admire your passion!

Dear Naoko,

Thank you very much for the pictures. We had a fantastic time at Chew Chew! Skye Phoenix & Pegassus both enjoyed your delicious & healthy meals. Thank you for being such a wonderful host. I admire your passion in doing what you enjoy. We'll certainly come back.

- Stella, Skye Phoenix & Pegassus

Thank you for the cake!

Eevee and Hero loved the cake very much!

- Helen Lu

His coat felt lovely and soft after the salmon!

Thank you so much Naoko. Tux had a great time - we had a lot of trouble getting him into the car after his wonderful birthday meal! His coat felt lovely and soft after the salmon - I might try and give him some more regularly to keep his coat looking and feeling good. We took your advice and went down to Berry Island after lunch and he had so much fun there. We will certainly come again. Thank you very much for the photographs.

- Kerri-Anne

We have not had to take Franky back to the vets for his skin condition!

We visited Naoko with our English staffordshire terrier Franky, a 9 month old puppy. Franky was suffering with bad skin allergies that were turning his skin very pink and causing nasty skin eruptions (almost boil like) on his belly, in his “armpits” and groin which were then becoming infected and bleeding from being scratched. We were at the vets with him almost monthly – where he was being prescribed anti-inflammatories, antibiotics and steroids. As soon as the treatment was over, we would be back at the vets in no time. Each time we went, the bill would be in the hundreds of dollars, and I was concerned to have such a young pup on constant medication. The suggestion from the vet was that it was more than likely a food allergy (the ferocity of the infection suggested food rather than topical), and our option was an elimination diet to find which food and as an interim a very expensive soy-based pet food, and a skin scrape test to confirm. Both of which would be timely, expensive and possibly not a complete solution.

Having visited Chew Chew cafe as a treat for our other dog Millie, we went for an assessment for Franky (and a very cynical and reluctant co-parent to Franky) with Naoko. Naoko was convinced that his bowel and gut were not yet fully developed and she made some gentle changes and inclusions to his diet, that were easy to implement and at no additional cost. Within a week, his skin had returned to the normal colour (being a white dog his skin is very visible) and the rash and sore spots were fading fast. This is now almost 4 months later – and we have had only one flare up since seeing Naoko which she told us to expect as his body accustoms itself to the changes. We have not had to take Franky back to the vets for the skin condition. We have also noticed that his energy levels are returned to normal – during the skin allergy phase he was quite lethargic.

I have recommended friends who have similar problems with their fur babies to work with Naoko hand-in-hand with their vet.

Many thanks,

- Melanie

Thank you for all the gorgeous photos!

Hi Naoko,

Thank you for all the gorgeous photos of pappy and I.

Love them,

- Kirsty

My mum has promised me that we will visit you again very soon!

Hi Naoko,

Thank you so much for my 3rd birthday party, I had such a ball with my friends and the food were amazingly delicious! I only wished there were more, but my mum didn't want me to over indulge :)

My mum has promised me that we will visit you again very soon, she's overseas at the moment and I am temporarily with my babysitter.

See you soon... and I love the photos!

- Sasha

I always lick the plate clean!

Dear Naoko,

I love Chewchew - it's my new favourite place. I'm so glad my mum discovered a place where it is all about my kind :) I get excited when I walk in and see Naoko welcoming me with her big smile and kind words. She even speaks to me in Japanese sometimes, because I am a Japanese dog, and even though I don't understand (or maybe I do?) she is speaking the language of love. It's fun to meet other doggies there too, though sometimes I get a bit shy but my brain tells me to start barking! I love sniffing every corner the place, but the best smells come from the kitchen. When my mum orders something and I know it's being cooked, I get so excited. And the food - oh my gosh, it is so delicious and nutritious. My mum loves that she can order me a meal which is full of carefully chosen ingredients, cooked with love and that tastes fantastic. I always lick the plate clean! Afterwards, my mum and I go on beautiful long walks around Wollstonecraft and it just makes my trips to Chew chew absolutely perfect! I can't wait to go back.Thank you Naoko for making such a special place for doggies to enjoy.

- Emi

I had such an enjoyable day at Chew Chew thanks to your pawesome gourmet meal!

Dear Naoko,

I had such an enjoyable day at Chew Chew thanks to your pawesome gourmet meal. It was the yummiest meal I had ever!

I was also stoked to make new friends at your restaurant.

My mommy has been reflecting your nutrition tips on my meals and it must be working very well because everyone says I'm such a happy and healthy puppy with my woofie smile!

I'm still thinking of my lamb meal and yoghurt jelly I had there. I can't wait til my mommy takes me to Chew Chew again soon.

Woof Woof,

- Ted

We have told so many of our friends, family and co-workers about your wonderful store...

Dear Naoko,

Thank you so much for the photos of Custard. I can't tell you how much we loved visiting your store. We have told so many of our friends, family and co-workers about your wonderful store and service and many of them have liked your facebook page and have plans to bring their own doggies to visit you. We will be back again to visit. Thanks you for making custards birthday and visit so lovely. We really enjoyed our trip to your store and Custard loved her birthday cake so much.


- Custard, Lisa and Sofia

People ask about the beautiful colour & healthy condition Pepper has!

Dear Naoko,

We have good new & would like to share this enjoyment to you. We took Pepper to the Poodle NSW Show today & Pepper won the 2nd place in the parade competition!!!

We were approached by people about the beautiful colour & healthy condition Pepper has and we reckon that it comes from a good part of quality nutrition food and well balanced diets from Chew chew.

Thank you very much Naoko & look forward to see you soon.

- Kenneth & Joanna

We were treated like doggie royalty!

Hi Naoko,

Thanks so much for these lovely photos and the wonderful time we had at Chew Chew! I am usually very fussy with my food, but as you can see, I gobbled down my meal at Chew Chew very quickly because it was so yummy! Mika and I had such a great time, we were very happy and loved all the pats we got from you. I can't believe how much fun we had and that we were treated like doggie royalty, so I have been busy telling all of my friends about you so that they can experience your yummy, healthy food and be treated like doggie royalty too! I can't wait to come back and see you.

All the best,

- Winston the Bulldog

My Master and my Mistress are giving me many more pats now!

Hello Naoko,

Thankyou for the lovely photos you took of me on my last visit to your restaurant.

Thanks to your delicious and nutritious meals i think i am looking better than ever and i have noticed that both my Master and my Mistress are giving me many more pats because my coat is now so soft and smooth because of all the goodies in my Chew Chew meals

Thanks Naoko,

Woof woof!

- Lulu

The tips you gave my mum are working wonders!

Hi Aunty Naoko,

It's Billy and Melo here. We just wanted to say thanks for letting us dine in last week. We had the best time!

We don't like eating Mummy and Daddy's food anymore so we're planning on coming back soon!

The tips you gave my mum are working wonders - we don't have smelly breath anymore and our tummies feel so much better.

- Billy & Melo

Just wanted to say thanks very much...

Hi Naoko,

Just wanted to say thanks very much for the birthday set, Oscar really enjoyed it!


- Steve

We have nothing but great things to say about Chew Chew!

Scout and Nala loved their special food and the park you recommended. We have nothing but great things to say about Chew Chew Dog Restaurant. See you again soon!

- The Manfredis

I am normally a very fussy eater, but you really know what doggies like to eat!

Dear Auntie Naoko,

Thank you for making my birthday so special! I was a bit shy at first but one sniff of your yummy chicken risotto, had me running out and gobbling it all up and also all of the cake as well! I am normally a very fussy eater but you really know what doggies like to eat and because it is healthy my mummy was happy too. I had such a great day, thank you also for the bag of treats and sending us our family pictures, we can't wait to be back and bring all our friends!


- Sassy!

Wonder if mum will bring me back for a party...

Dear Naoko

I had a great time and I even got to see a train. Where I live there aren't any trains - only horses, pigs & ducks. Oh! and Koi in the dam. I like to swim around with them.

I really enjoyed the food at the party. Lamb sausages, yum-oh! And the cappuccino was sooooo delicious. I should have shared with my dad because he seemed quite impressed with your food. But before I had time to think it through, the food was gone. Not sure how that happened. Maybe next time?

My birthday is in August. I will be 2. Wonder if mum will bring me back for a party? Mum says it will have to be a nice dry day as I take up too much space in your shop. Oh! and I would like to watch the trains again.

I had such a good day. I hope mum brings me back soon.

Yours faithfully

- Miss Tallulah Belle

Looking forward to another visit very soon!

Dear Naoko

I am a dog who likes his food. I didn't get to be big and strong and 60 kg by eating like a bird. So I know good food when I see, I mean, eat it. What a treat! Sausages and rice! Deeeeelicious! The cappuccino looked yummy but someone else (naming no names, Tallulah!) got their head in first and consumed it in one fell swoop. Perhaps for my birthday in December mum will bring me back on my own (hint, hint) and I can enjoy a cappuccino all to myself.

Thank you for the photos. You did an excellent job capturing snaps of me - I am quite camera shy unlike Tallulah. She is such a poser.

Look forward to another visit very soon. Thank you for a lovely day and making Evie's birthday special.

Best Wishes

- Hugo

Chew Chew food transforms Rambo

"When Rambo first arrived in our home from the wonderful people at Doggie Rescue, he was just skin and bone. His fur was very thin, his eyes were weeping and his skin was extremely flaky. The colour of his fur was a beige with brown streaks through it. Also, he had regular diarrhea and very smelly farts.

After only a few months of food from Chew Chew, everyone comments that he is just a different dog to the one that first arrived. His fur is pure white and very thick, his eyes don't stain and his bowels are regular. And his farts don't smell.

Because his teeth were not looked after by his previous owner, he had to have them removed. Naoko from Chew Chew created a menu of soft food ideal for Rambo. He loves every meal (and I sprinkle Chew Chew's Balance Flakes supplement on each meal). Even though he's 10 years old, he now has the look and playfulness of a little puppy! Thank you Chew Chew!"

- Valerie Khoo

Maddie loves dog biscuits

Our dog Maddie loves Chew Chew dog biscuits and becomes increasingly excited as she observes my daily 'getting ready for work' routine. By the time I am cleaning my teeth in the bathroom she is almost beside herself with excitement in anticipation of receiving her three Chew Chew biscuits for breakfast just before I leave for the day. She has never been happier or healthier.

- Kaye, Doug and Maddie Separovic

Lower vet bills thanks to Chew Chew diet

I have two dogs and Naoko worked with me to tailor make a diet for both of them. I wanted to give them raw meat, so she came up with a solution and developed a diet . She is very knowledgeable and flexible and makes it all so easy with her deliveries. She is passionate about what she does and that always comes through.

I have been ordering her meals for over two years and highly recommend her. My dogs are very healthy and our vet bills are subsequently very low.

Best Wishes

- Ondine

No more skin irritation and itchiness!

My dog Benjamin has suffered with serious skin allergies since the time he was rescued as a young dog. Since using Balance Flakes, in conjunction with a balanced diet of meat & vegetables & rice, his skin has improved greatly and he no longer spends large amounts of time chewing & licking himself due to irritation and itchiness.

I would recommend Balance Flakes in a balanced diet to all people who care about their animal's health, and to maintain their vitality and well-being

- Bruce Crabb

Bonito Flakes clears eyes and digestive problems

Since giving my two Burmese cats Chew Chew's bonito flakes their health has improved incredibly. One had weeping eyes now completely healed and the other had digestive problems now completely normal. They absolutely love the taste and always want more.

Kind Regards

- Annette

This is a story that really touched my heart.

When I was doing the markets a lady had been searching for me so she could say thanks. Her dog had been diagnosed with cancer and had barely eaten for 12 months, until she gave him some of my Fish Chew Organic biscuit's which she had brought from a shop

She was so grateful for my biscuit as it was all her dog ate right up until the day he died. It made me so happy that I could provide her dog with a food that he enjoyed.

My only wish was that she had talked to me earlier so I could have cooked her a specially formulated baked biscuit for her dog.

It was great to get advice on our new puppy and its future care.

We're glad we were able to visit Naoko at her new shop in Wollstonecraft

She has a very gentle approach regarding Kimiko's diet. Kimi enjoys her 'doggie cappuccino' while we're getting a free consultation with Naoko.

We bought Kimi a Sheep ear for chewing at home & she loved it, every single bit.

For sure, we're going to come back to your shop Naoko!

- Zeno & Kimi

Sesame loves bull winkle!

Sesame is now 1.5 years old, I have been feeding him Chew Chew since he was 6 weeks old.

Sesame loves the shark bites and goes crazy over the bull winkle.

I also give Sesame the Balance Flakes with his meals, which is really good for his coat and stomach.I have recommended Chew Chew to 3 of my friends, who have doggies, and our doggies and us all love it!

- Rainny and Sesame

Chew Chew fans love all of our dog treats

Our 2 gorgeous little companion pooches have become absolute fans of all things in the dog treat section at Chew Chew. They seem to recognise the time of day that a treat is due and spend much time chewing and munching on your wonderful doggie treats.

Many thank for the interest you show in all things for mans beloved pets.

- Jennie

New Chew Chew Fun

Just a quick email to say that my long haired Chihuahua Johnny has really enjoyed two treats so far from the small dog treat set. I was very impressed with how much was in here - such good value for money. Not to mention it is all healthy treats which is great for Johnny (and Peggy, a dog I am babysitting).

Thank you for the quick postage. We hope to visit your store one day soon. Have a lovely weekend.

Kind Regards,

- Michelle & Johnny

Health food!!

We take away chew chew healthy foods and get healthier treat for our puppy.

Nice area to play and meet other dogs and their owners, of course the nice doggyccino!!

- Gabriel & Milo

Feel at Home

Owner is friendly and informative, food looks delicious and healthy. Comfortable environment!!

My dog feel "at home"here at chew chew. He even walks into the kitchen without permission. He enjoys making new friends.

- David, Sera & Chilli

Very Happy in Chew Chew

I think absolutely pet friendly, lots of treats for dogs & cats! Delicious pet meals and very friendly!! experienced staff too! We are loyal customers!!!

Brioche is very happy, excited about the yummy meals every time!

- Carina & Brioche

I love Argyle!!

I talk with Naoko every time, I wasn't just barking!! I was talking!!

- Pip

Telling all of our friends!

We all had such a wonderful, wonderful time. We had been busy telling your amazing restaurant to all our doggie friends. We just can not wait to visit you again. It was truly magical day.

Love & Respect,

- Maui & Akiko

Can't wait to come back!

To the lovely ladies at Chew Chew,

Thank you for such a lovely and delicious lunch at Chew Chew in Wollstonecraft. The chicken risotto was amazing, my daddy was so jealous! And I couldn't get enough of the doggyccino afterwards! I just wish my mummy could cook as good! You were so kind to me and the photos you took while we were all enjoying the cafe were so adorable - thank you for capturing such a fun and special moment!

Can't wait to come back soon!


- Chester xo

Best day!

Lucy, Tia, and I (Jock), went to Chew Chew restaurant on a lovely sunny day, it was fabulous, we had doggyccinos, they were doggielicious, Tia ate all the yoghurt, Lucy and I were too interested in the pancakes my mum and aunty Karen were eating.

We went for a swim in the sea and found two tennis balls, what a bonus. It was the best day and we are coming back soon.

- Jock, Lucy and Tia

Our Favourite!

Oscar had the most amazing time at your restaurant! It's one of his favourite places.

- Oscar

My first experience at a doggy cafe

Thank you to Naoko and the team at Chew Chew doggie cafe. I had a great time and so did my owners. I loved the chicken risotto and the take home doggy bag was great because I got to have it for dinner as well. My owners rescued me from a puppy mill and my life is so amazing now. I spent the first 8 years of my life in a cage and now I get to do amazing things with my owners like going for walks and amazing outings like my first experience at a doggy cafe. I love Chew Chew and my owners and I will make it a regular outing because it makes me happy!

Thank you again to Chew Chew cafe for such a wonderful day. The extra bonus of having photos taken and sent to us was such a lovely idea. The amazing service and yummy food will definitely keep us coming back.

Highly recommend Chew Chew's to any doggie and their owners.

- Mia, Bella and Simone

Always excited to come to Chew Chew

Dear Naoko,

I am always excited to come and see you in Chew Chew

Your advice is always helpful.

thank you sooo much, I love my balance flakes, it makes me a very happy & healthy doggy!!

Lots of love,

- Lexy (Beagle) xoxox

Thank you Naoko!

Dear Naoko,

Thank you for the yummy food and playtime with the other doggies. I love Chew Chew!

- Elsa

We love to catch up with all the other pets!

Chew chew is me and my cat brother Sherlock's favourite cafe - we love catching up with other pets over a doggyccino and kittyccino!

- Watson and Sherlock

Getting better with my new diet!

Dear Naoko, thanks for the fabulous photos of me enjoying your hospitality. I am training Mum to make larger portions of her and Dad's meals so there is some for me!

I am enjoying the change of diet and my rash has improved. I have been enjoying long walks on the beach lately, it's better without the problems of the rash.

Lots of love and many licks,

- Bella

Best Cake!

It was my 11th birthday, and my first time trying Chew Chew's birthday cake. I loved every single bit of my birthday hamper especially the cake! It was the YUMMIEST cake ever~ I could not hold on any longer to pose for photos! Happy birthday to me, woof!

Nom Nom Nom~

- Momo

Always the yummiest food

Dear Auntie Naoko,

This is just a quick email to tell you how much I enjoyed my Birthday cake on Sunday. It was very nice of you to make it for me. I had my share for Dinner on Sunday. It was very yummy!

Thank you also for cooking such wonderful dinners for me all the time and taking such good care of me. They are also very yummy.

Much love,

- Benjamin

So glad we found Chew Chew

We are so glad we found Chew Chew. Ever since Zoe was a small puppy she was always happy to see other dogs, but afraid because they were so much bigger than her. She loves coming to Chew Chew where she can eat a 3 course doggy meal (and she loves the doggy cappuccino), play with other dogs her size and get some shark bites to munch on (she gets this look in her eye when she hears the shark bites bag rustling!).

It's great on a sunny day, and even though us humans can't eat the doggy food (although I'm sure it'd be fine - the omelette and sausages look tasty!) we discovered new types of food that Zoe likes that we'd never have thought of giving her before.

Naoko is lovely and very gentle with dogs and there's always smiles on our faces when we're there! Just look at this smile!

- Kim, Neil and Zoe

What a great day!

What better way to celebrate my best furry friends birthday than a little cake and coffee at Chew Chew. We had never been before and were so excited when we got there. The staff were so friendly and gave us lots of pats and cuddles.

The food was delicious, even for a puppy like me on a strict diet.

The day was completed by a lovely run around at the dog park down the road. Charlie and I went home nice and tired, with tails wagging.


- Timmy

We'll definitely be back!

Hi Naoko San

Thanks a lot to you and your husband, it was a great experience for both us and our dogs on Sunday. We will definitely come back for more yummy food. =)

They enjoyed the cake a lot!

- ZiQing

Can't wait to see you again soon

Dear Naoko,

Thank you very much for my photos today we all enjoyed looking at them and I keep thinking about the yummy meal you prepared - chicken risotto.

Can't wait to see you again soon and try something new from the menu.

Until then,

Woof woof!

- Angus

So much happier now with Chew Chew foods

Dear Naoko,

I just wanted to thank you for the amazing products you lovingly create. It's just wonderful to see my girls enjoy their meals & the delicious waffles and treats.

Millie (17 yrs old) & Zoe (15 yrs old) have become extremely fussy & it's been a struggle to find food they actually enjoy.

They absolutely love dinner time now & I've really noticed a difference in their well-being & this is just in a week! No upset tummy's & full of energy :-). It's so great to see! Many thanks again & I'll see you soon for our next order. Thanks also for the tuna treats. Millie looooooves them!

- Zoe & Millie

We learned so much at Chew Chew!

Hi Naoko,

Me, Joanna and Pepper had a wonderful time at Chew chew, thank you for the nutrition advice.

We learned the correct and healthy way to feed her and we are amazed how much Pepper loves her food now, she is storming through all her breakfast, lunch and dinner within 3 minutes, no more of the fussy eating habit that she used to have.

The Argyle dishes food is doing its mojo and Pepper loves it. We give her every mornings and she makes sure there is no more left in her dish every time!

We have noticed her fur is more reddish colour than before just after one week and the regular bowel appears more healthier and normal colour.

Kind Regards,

- Kenneth & Joanna

Best treats I've ever had!

Hi Naoko!

My name is Champee! I loved my visit to your doggy cafe!

I was too busy and so excited looking and sniffing and socialising, I could hardly eat the delicious waffle you made me.

I was happy to share it with one of my new doggy friends. I loved the doggy-cino, and most of all, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the dry Tuna Treats that were bought just for me.

They are the best treats I have ever had - I should know as I am 13 years old!

My owner says it is a shame that dogs cannot ride on trains like they do in Europe - we would be visiting you very frequently if that were so!

Can't wait for my next visit - I need more treats! My family love the photos, See you soon I hope!

Woofy Woofy Cheers

- Champee

Sure hope to visit you again soon!

Dear Naoko,

I'm so glad that my mummy took me to visit you, your shop fills with warmth and lovely aroma that made me very busy sniffing it's source.

Ah! the kitchen....I love the steak and the lamb. Yummy vegies and other stuffs that's organic?!

It must be good for me, slurp, slurp! Thank you for giving mummy the advice, I'm now enjoying nutricious home cooked meals [+dog bikkies]

I sure hope to visit you again soon. Next time I think I will try the Salmon, yummmmmmmm

Bye for now Naoko, paw, paw,

- Montana xx

So much fun at Chew Chew!

Dear Naoko,

I had so much fun at Chew Chew - my mum and dad even bought me my first chicken wing!

It was delicious. I also celebrated Bear's 1st Birthday and had a lick of the birthday cake. It was so much fun!

I can't wait to go there again, thank you

- Moby

So much fun at Chew Chew!

Hi Naoko,

Sandy wanted to say thank you for making a simple walk to the local park the highlight of the week. She would like to come visit and have your yummy healthy food everyday if she could. She also really loves the very warm welcome her & her mum receive as soon as we come through the door.

It's a win win situation as her mummy gets a latte in peace & she gets to be in heaven. Then to finish the visit off nicely & not miss you all too much we have our variety bag of take home treats. Not to mention the great complementary photos emailed after each visit. All round, always a lovely outing :)


- Anna Christopher (Sandy's mum)

Thank you for the cake!

Hi Naoko,

Thank you very much for making the cake... Wallace and Gromit have both enjoyed it very much!

- Cindy & Vincent

Thank you for the cake!

Hi Naoko,

Thank you so much for sending the photographs from our day at Chew Chew...we enjoyed it immensely, I think you offer a great product and wonderful nutritional advice to pet owners.

Scout loved it and Cosi has now lost some weight and Sue is feeding her well and using your lovely balance flakes...she's going well.

I have posted a story about Chew Chew on my blog and hope that you enjoy can find us here:

I am always looking for interesting and great things for dogs and like to explore different stories please refer people on...many thanks and we will be back to visit soon

Warm Regards,

- Elizabeth O'Donnell