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Chew Chew Puppy Classes

Perfect for new puppy or dog owners.

Have you just bought a dog or a puppy? Our classes can give you the confidence and vital knowledge you will need for the life that now lies ahead for you and your dog.

Our classes are unique. They are primarily to help you understand how to look after your dog. Dogs are now very much considered part of the family and owning a dog comes with many responsibilities. The companionship and loyalty that your dog will give you however, is well worth it!

Naoko is a certified Japanese Pet Nutrition Expert and Pet Care Advisor so you can be assured that you will receive only expert guidance.

Many people also have lots of questions such as:

  • What food is best?
  • How much food should I serve?
  • What treats are suitable?
  • Why does my dog keep scratching?
  • Why has their fur changed colour?
  • What should I feed a dog suffering from allergies?
  • How do I stop my dog's bad habits and annoying behaviour?
  • Why should I have my dog desexed?

I can answer all of your questions as well as providing you with many great tips as well.

Common misconceptions include:

  • Feeding dogs commercial food, or 'science diet', is good for them
  • Dogs need to be regularly vaccinated
  • Dogs need nutrition supplements

Did you know?

  • Every time you see your dog licking his paw - it is actually a sign that they are detoxing chemicals from their body.
  • If your puppy's stool doesn't look right or they always have diarrhoea, this means that your puppy's immune system is not mature yet. I recommend you give them healthy homemade meals for the next few months.
  • If your puppy is peeing everywhere, there are many many ways to help stop this behavior.
  • If your puppy has had a bad reaction from their vaccination injection, I can explain how to deal with it and why this may have happened.

Of course your new dog or puppy is very welcome to come along for the class. It is for their benefit as much as yours!

1 class is $240 and will be held over the course of two days.

Classes are held at Chew Chew Pet Restaurant.

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