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Serving high quality food created by Pet Nutritionist

We know you want the best for your dog. Naoko is a Japanese Pet Nutrition Expert and Pet care Advisor who provides organic and natural Japanese based recipes that are healthy, nutritious and tasty.

Chew Chew uses only organic meat for your dogs. Our organic chickens are from Enviroganic Farms and our organic meat is purchased from Cleavers Organic Butchers and fish from Pyrmont Fish Markets.

The meal base is 50% meat, 25% grain and 25% Chew Chew veges - a special mix designed to help the bowels to function properly, as it is the most important place to get the nutrition into the body. We can adjust the grains accordingly, so please ask our staff! We want your pet to enjoy their meal and also Mum/Dad to get enjoyment out of watching your furry babies enjoying themselves.

3 Course Meal Set

Entrée: Soup

Main: Choose from any of our signature dishes

Dessert: Jelly or cupcake w/ Doggie cappuccino

Gourmet Menu

The Mishmash

The cutest big breakfast you'll ever see! A powerful meal for a powerful hunger!


Lamb Omelette

The best source of protein.

$14.50 or $9.50 each if sharing

Salmon w/ Mashed Potato

Salmon from Sydney's fish markets, full of Omega 3.

$14.50 or $9.50 each if sharing

Signature Menu (200g meals)$9.00 or $6.00 each if sharing

Organic Beef Meal

Certified organic beef mince with mushrooms tossed with a special vegetable coleslaw and pasta with Balance Flakes.

Organic Lamb Meal

Wok tossed certified organic lamb mince with 7 kinds of vegetables, served with ginger, brown rice and Balance Flakes.

Chicken Risotto

Certified Organic Chicken with brown rice and 7 kinds of vegetables, our most popular meal!

Grilled Fish

from Sydney's Fish Markets

Lamb Sausage & Pasta

w/ vegetables and Balance Flakes

Café Menu (Dine in only)

Doggie Cappuccino$2.50

Cup Cake & Doggie Cappuccino Combo$8.50

Doggie Waffle & Doggie Cappuccino Combo$8.50

Yoghurt Jelly$6.00

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