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Dear Veterinarians

I know that a veterinarians job is very difficult, so I would like to work alongside and support my fellow professionals.

Dogs taking medication or going through surgery often require better nutrition in order to recover quickly, however many can lose their appetite. This leads to a slow recovery, and often anguish and confusion in their parents.

I can offer support to the dog's parents by teaching them about the importance of nutrition in a dog's diet. This means the three of us can work together to discover which foods their dog will eat and allows us to adjust nutrition by your recommendation.

As veterinarians must spend so much time helping dogs with surgery and medication, you may not have time to create individual menus and give nutritional advice. I would like this opportunity for us to support each other.

I have had very positive results in the last 5 years helping dogs after vet treatments. Often their owners need support to ensure their dog's diet is kept on track. Dogs diagnosed with cancer, diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease and liver disease etc. need extra nutritional help, as operations and medication can leave them feeling sick and unwilling to eat.

I have confidence in my value as I have helped and continue to help dogs who have been quoted short lifespans; however after eating my meals they continue to live happily beyond this date.

I guarantee you will get a lot of appreciation and trust from your clients when their dogs are healed. Including this kind of service in your practice helps to prevent the stress that disease can cause, as parents can have a direct influence in improving their precious pet's health.

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