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Dear Wholesalers

The Chew Chew policy is to make original quality dog foods which are best for your dog’s health.  Some of our treats are cooked made to order only, as we want to be able to pass to our customers the freshest and safest treats for their pets, we add no preservatives.

Most of our foods are all homemade we are not a factory.  Thanks to everyone who has been enquiry but we will only sell to shops whose policy is similar to ours, who is willing to be educated on each product they sell, and who can control their stock closely as we do not let any of our stock expire. 

We have three types of wholesales available;


  1. Pet Shop

Our products have no added preservatives, so we do not sell in bulk as you can not keep the products fresh, you will need to have access to a fridge and freezer to store some of our products.  If ordering cat/dog dry treats and cat temptations (Bonito) it is fine to order and stock on your shelf.  If your customers wish to buy our food and you don’t have a fridge or room to stock then we can sell on a pre-order basis, so please let me know if this is the best system for you. 


  1. Human dog friendly Café’s

We are selling our fresh meals to human café’s to serve to their customers outside who bring their dogs with them.  As the meals are all made in our kitchen and frozen  there is no cooking required on your behalf, you only need to heat up in the microwave and serve and will not violate your health regulations as you are not cooking.

We will rent you a sign board with Chew Chew dog food available here, you will become the unique dog friendly café in your local area.  If you are interested please contact us.


  1. Vetenarians and Dog hotels

Chew Chew dog food is perfect nutrition and very tasty, all dogs love our meals.  We can provide you with our Chew Chew normal food menu and special food which is suitable for individual situations eg. Vegetarians, diet concerns etc.   We will deliver all our meals frozen and you will be providing your customers with an excellent extra service.


Would you like joint in Chew Chew group ?

Chew Chew opened its Pet Restaurant 3 years ago in Wollstonecraft, before we opened here I spent 3 years researching, studying and chatting with dog owners while selling at the markets and making home delivered meals.  After opening the media approached me and we were on T.V, in magazines and newspapers, after this advertising many more people started to notice us and we are so happy to have met many new friends.

I have learnt from my new friends that everyone’s situations are different and as we all know we all think differently.   I have had many inquiries from people all over the world wanting to know if I am going to be franchising Chew Chew my answer is no, what I am planing on doing is a Chew Chew group that is a win-win situation where we can all grow and learn together. 

We all have individual dreams and ideas so for eg if you wish to make only vegetarian food, do only home deliveries, open a pet café or if you have another dream all of these ideas I can help and advise you on.  We can have a consultation where we can create a safe and healthy menu for you then you can start living your dream.

Each group will be your own business with the Chew Chew seal of approval behind you; you will not be a Chew Chew pet restaurant or shop you.  I will only have one Chew Chew group in selected areas so you will be the only one in your local area.

As each of us has our individual special skills, we can all help each other as a group which is a much easier way to start and grow (I did on my own which is the hard way).  If you are interested in joining the Chew Chew group please contact me.

Trading Hours

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